Thursday: mock trial, Major Inskeep, and Inaugural Ceremony

Thursday morning our fearless leaders Katie and Brevin announced Seymour as city of the day. Reporter of the day was a tie with Elizabeth Morgan and Kacey Pitts both being recognized. A Girls Nation presentation was given by the 2018 Girls Nation Senators Aly Shirley and Hilary Griggs.

Counties participated in a mock trial. The case was about a Pomeranian who chased a horse and was accused of being vicious. The owner of the dog was taken to court by the owner of the horse and each counties verdicts are as follows:

Cimarron County - Guilty

Delaware County - Not Guilty

Kaw County - Guilty

Neosho County - Guilty.

It was clear the delegates had a lot of fun participating and taking on different roles in the trial.

Major Nicky Inskeep, a Minnesota Girls State alumnae and current instructor for The University of Kansas ROTC program, spoke about her experiences in the United States Army and her current position. She spoke with us last year as well and is very encouraging.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 9.11.35 PM.png

Thursday night is the Inaugural Ceremony. The chief Justice Bailey Buchanan was sworn in and she then she participated in swearing in the state officers, Lieutenant Governor and Governor. Governor LyLena was presented with her cap and gavel. Lieutenant Governor Eva was also presented with her cap. LyLena gave her inaugural address where she stated that she was honored to lead and represent a group of girls who are the future and will enforce change.

The evening ends with The Sunflower Girls State Alumni Sunflower Ceremony during which the SGS history is recounted. Alumni come forward, place their sunflower in the basket, and introduce themselves. Some history includes:

  • In 1939 the first Sunflower Girls State took place at Washburn University for a cost of $12.50.

  • From 1943 to 1946 there was no girls state due to food rationing and curtailed transportation due the events surrounding World War II

  • The first meeting of girls state alumni took place in 1950.

We encourage alumni to join the ALASGS Alumni Association in order to stay connected to the program. You can join here.