American Legion Auxiliary Sunflower Girls State will be held on the campus of the University of Kansas June 4-9, 2017.  Citizens will be housed in student housing.  General Sessions will be held in the Kansas Memorial Union.  Meals will be served in Corbin Dining Hall.  ALA Sunflower Girls State will visit the State Capitol and Justice Center on Friday, June 9, 2017.


The cost is $300 per delegate.  The registration process is as follows:

1.      Send all information to ALA Sunflower Girls State, Anne Werner, Secretary- PO Box 223, Axtell, KS  66403         secretaryksgirlsstate@gmail.com

2.     There are two ways to register your delegates; by mail or on line.
By Mail:  Once the registration fee has been received by the Secretary/Treasurer the registration form will be mailed back to you.  Fill in the sponsor’s information and have the delegate fill in theirs.  Attach a picture and send form back to Secretary/Treasurer.

On line:  Print the registration form by clicking on "Registration Form" located above.  Complete the information has stated above, attach a picture and mail the form and registration fee back to the Secretary/Treasurer.

3.     Print delegate information packet from this website.  Available approximately April 1st.

4.     Registration closes May 15, 2017 or when capacity is reached.  Refund deadline is May 31, 2017.

5.     If a delegate or her alternate fails to attend the Session, ALA Sunflower Girls State will retain the registration fee.

6.     If a delegate quits the Session on her own decision, she'll be required to sign a release stating she is responsible to repay her contributor the $300 registration fee or that part contributed by a sponsor.

7.     Transportation expense is to be paid by the delegate or her contributor.

8.    If an alternate is to be sent, notify the ALA Sunflower Girls State Secretary/Treasurer immediately.  She will fill out a new registration form.  It will be necessary to forward all information received to the alternate.

The process for registering for ALA Sunflower Girls State is much different than for American Legion Boys State of Kansas.  There are no applications for ALA Sunflower Girls State as there are with boy's state.  Packets of information are not mailed to the delegates or the sponsors and high schools.  A mailing list of previous sponsors and Kansas High Schools is kept by the secretary and on or about the first week of March a flyer will be mailed to the Units and Schools highlighting the program and providing other pertinent information.  If you are not receiving one of these flyers and you are a sponsor or high school counselor, please send an email to the secretary and you will be added to the mailing list.