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    An Opportunity!
To gather with young ladies of your own age from all across the State of Kansas for the purpose of forming and operating your City, County and State governments, through teamwork making them successful. 

An opportunity to debate real issues affecting the cities and counties within the State of Kansas and then propose workable solutions to submit to the Sunflower Girls State Legislature. 

An opportunity to operate a campaign to be elected to a state office, the senate or house of representatives, along with other county or city positions.

An opportunity to form friendships that last a lifetime and interact with students from different parts of the state.

An Opportunity?  A once in a lifetime opportunity, as the only time you're eligible to attend Sunflower Girls State is between your Junior and Senior years of high school.

We know that in today's world, the summer vacation arrives and many events are provided for you.  Consider spending the week at Sunflower Girls State learning more about your government, yourself and others living in Kansas, as it's a one time opportunity and the experience of a lifetime.

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