2017 Staff & Counselors

2017 Staff:

Back Row (L to R): Emily Yantz, Katelyn Handy, Heidi Blair, Dakota Crookston, Becky Keller, Sheri Jacobs, Alexis Werner, Jeanne Haas, Linda Hicks. 
Middle Row (L to R): Stacy Edwards, Pam King, Director Rachel Barnes, Governor Emily Stanley, 
Lt. Governor Grace Brunner, Lindsay Maudlin, Department President Claudia Saterlee,   
Dr. Michele Eckermann, Paige Lawrence. 
Front Row (L to R): Jackie Pashang, Anne Werner, Yvonne Ziblut, Heather Williams, Amy Peters. 

2017 Counselors & Assistant Counselors:

Back Row (L to R): Aubrey Hitchcock, Vinu Rao, Nicole Kirk, Chancia Fairley, Josie McClendon, Haydnn Neufeld, Kylie Baima, Bailey Blair. 
Middle Row (L to R):  Katie Haley, Lori Van Houtan, Ellery Barnes, Marie Divine, Morgan Anderson, Alyssa Acosta.
Front Row (L to R): Anna Marie Sosa, Ashlee Setina, Andy Anderson, Kelli Jo Henderson.